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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Staycation Fun

I am breathing a sigh of relief. As a teacher Spring Break is imperative to my mental health. At our house we NEED it. Friday I took the Dickey boys to the airport. They headed out to sunny Arizona to take in some Spring Training baseball games. Delia and I hung out at home and prepared for her birthday "party". Saturday evening we celebrated her day with friends (roller skating and slumber party=one tired mom). Then we headed to a historic hotel two-and-a-half miles down the road. We enjoyed the outdoor soaking pool (SOOOO beautiful), a lovely dinner, room service and mommy/daughter time.

Our room's door was hand painted.

Our room's namesake. Each room was named for a different resident of the county poor farm.

We ordered room service for breakfast

A view from one of the gardens back to the hotel.
If you are every in the Portland area check Edgefield out. Since it is so close to home we often take it for granted. GREAT beer, wine and spirits. The food isn't the greatest, but you can't beat the atmosphere. It boasts a spa, golf course, several bars, beautiful gardens, historic buildings, artwork, concerts, movie theater and more. One of our favorite places in the area.

We came home and had my family over for dinner. My nephew Hudson loves the chickens.

He even hand fed them.

We plan to get two new chickens this weekend after we return from a short trip to Central Oregon. Alas it will be time to coop them up. I cleaned this bed the other day and this is what it looks like after the chickens got into it:

The boys returned today and I managed to create this little ditty. I attempted a new crafting technique. I used the freezer paper to print onto fabric. I can't believe it worked the first time! STOKED. Here is what I made (thanks to Flamingo Toes for the tutorial):

Here is another view:

I'm not a huge fan of the faux flowers, but they are what I had on hand. I bought the wreath at Dollar Tree and added some birch limbs from a neighbor's yard up the street. In true Portland style I "put a bird on it". If you haven't seen IFC's Portlandia check it out.
I also attempted a lampshade. I struggled with this on many levels due to the shape of the shade and the materials I chose. As my mom would say, "It'll work for now".

Actually, it looks better in real life. It looks horrid in this picture. Then again so do my country blue tile counters.


  1. Glad you are having a great vacation! We will see what my chickens do to my yard when they arrive. ~ Maureen

  2. What a fun post - it looks like you had a great week!
    I love how your wreath turned out, I'm glad the freezer paper fabric printing worked for you!
    Thanks for the shoutout too. :)