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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Coastal Charm

I have wonderful neighbors. We are fortunate to know each and every one of them. Last summer we held a garage sale and Brazil Grill from across the street (Her real name is Vicki and she owns a restaurant by this name, thus our nickname for her) decided to do the same. Day one was successful, but when day two rolled around she got bored and hot. She finally told my kids  if they wanted to sell her stuff they could take keep money they made. Additionally, she said we could take anything we wanted. SCORE.
I took this desk:

Sorry for the bad photo, but I had to use my phone for this one. Notice the lovely damage to the top of the desk? It is called a six-year-old and stickers.

Originally it was plain wood. My dad painted it white for my daughter's room. She enjoyed it for awhile, BUT she is a hoarder. It is a Dickey characteristic. There wasn't enough room in the small drawers for all her junk treasures. I realized I had a desk sitting out in the garage with ample drawer space. I painted it and moved it in. Check out my post http://dickeysdecor.blogspot.com/2012/02/phoenix-rising.html.
This baby went out to the garage and sat for a month. I had some Watery (Sherwin Williams) left over from my entry table and decided this would be a great paint for this desk. I made my own version of chalk paint and had at it. I also spray painted the hardware silver to match. I roughed up the paint a bit to show the white underneath and finished it off with a coat of wax. The drawers were already lined with faux vintage newspaper so I left them alone. I added a wicker basket I had on hand to the middle compartment. It fit perfectly. Love it when that happens. I have to add the other knob to the top drawer still. The screw is stripped and I am having a hard time getting it out.
After finishing it I realized it would be nice to have a matching chair. I pulled one out from my collection and painted it to match. If I had been thinking I would have actually used a different chair with the same lines, but I had already painted it grey. Darn it. Oh well, this one will work. Don't the make a cute couple? Sometimes opposites attract.

I still need to cover the chair pad and will be looking for a fabulous beachy fabric for this. This piece is dainty and would fit in small spaces. A great looking beach type feel. It brightens up my garage well! I am planning on selling this piece. Interested?

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  1. Hi. I found you through the Funky Junk Interiors Link Party. Great job on this. I have almost the exact same desk/vanity in my daughter's room. If you visit my blog you will be amazed at how similar they are...just the drawer on the top is different. http://totallylaurenamber.com/2012/03/8433/