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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Swiss Miss

I was putzing around in a neighborhood 17 miles from home (okay I was checking out an estate sale where I scored an amazing amount of ELDERLY sheet music for $3) and realized the Goodwill Bins were only blocks away. Not wanting to waste gas on a trip late (okay I totally planned this) I had to check it out. It was Saturday and it was packed. I don't do crowds well so this was a simple scan and grab trip. I picked up a few things, but hope to return when it is less crowded. ANYway, I did pick up a great basket for about $1.25. I don't know exactly because at the Bins they weigh your stuff and charge you by the pound.
I realized as I pulled into the garage and tried to find a place to put the basket I have a basket addiction. I need another one like I need more coffee. While folding laundry the basket talked to me and told me what it wanted to become. It had a vision and it wanted to become Swiss. I had to listen. Here is what it became:

I imagine this filled with birch logs next fall next to the fire. I imagine this filled with big fluffy yarn balls. I imagine it catching junk in the basement. Maybe I need to imagine selling it.

1 comment:

  1. Visiting from Transformation Thursday. I absolutely love this project and you are truly talented!

    Thanks for the inspiration and have a great weekend.