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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Think Pink

I have been experimenting with my Sherwin Williams Pink Amour. I painted Diva's chair with a faux chalk paint I concocted (check out my post Pinkified). It worked, but the verdict is still out. I think it would have been better with two coats, but who has time for that?
For this piece I simply painted. The paint job on before was horrid. If I was going to sell it, or place it somewhere it would be highly visible, I might have taken the time to strip it. However, since it is in a certain persons room (who is hard on furniture) I didn't think the investment of my time was worth it. 

Here is the before:

It has been freezing here so I choose to paint inside. Here is the after:

I swear the paint is a pale pink. I used the silver paint pen to highlight the details. I love the way the silver makes them pop. I ended up leaving the inside of the "shelves" the original white to contrast with he pink.

Next project for Delia's room is to paint her mirror frame, pink of course. I am on the hunt for a slip cover for her chair in either white or pink. The plan for Spring Break is to paint her room, put up some shelves to display her "treasures", hang new curtains, and possibly add some crown molding. Of course we have some decorating to do and we hope to explore some fun shops in downtown Portland to find what we need.

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